125-Year-Old Brett's Building Receives Energy Star Certification

Following a lengthy process of efficiency upgrades and energy monitoring, the Brett's Building has been awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR certification. This signifies that the Brett's Building performs in the top 25% of similarly sized facilities nationwide for energy efficiency. "Brett's is the only office building in town to achieve this elite status, and the staff and tenants are all very proud," said property manager Gordon Awsumb. "It's all the more impressive for such an historic building – at 125 years old, Brett's is still leading the way when it comes to environmental stewardship." According to the EPA, less than 8% of ENERGY STAR certified buildings were built before 1950. Built in 1890, the Brett's Building is remembered by Mankato residents as a popular department store that served the area for over 100 years. Fully restored in 2004, it now provides energy-efficient Class A custom finished office space to numerous local businesses and government agencies.

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Energy Star Certification

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Solar panel power and advanced daylighting systems provide a 23% annual reduction in the electrical power consumption for connected tenants of Mankato Place. United States Senator Norm Coleman's southern Minnesota office, the new southeast regional offices of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, The Minnesota Workforce Center, the Minnesota Corrections Department, the office of the Public Defender, and the common areas of Mankato Place will all benefit from on site renewable energy production.

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"This will be the largest solar electric system installed in southern Minnesota to date," said Al Christensen. The combined project positions Mankato place to be the leading facility in the region in providing power to its tenants and customers through alternative energy, technology and conservation.

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